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Most Frequently Asked Question:

ˇ        Where You can find Avalon Wedding Photography?

Avalon Wedding Photography is a wedding photography studio located in Śląsk/Poland. We work at the area of whole country. We can also offer You photography sessions in other countries of your choise. 

ˇ       Our Offer - packeges and additional options

Our offer is adapted to Your needs and wishes. You can choose one of packages and change it in any way. There are number of additional options available to make sure You will be fully satisfied.  

ˇ       Individual meeting

At such a appointment You can learn more about Avalon Wedding Photography offer, packages, additional options and details of our co-operation. This kind of meeting allows Us to recognise Yours expectations and present the principles of Our work. That kind of appointment does not oblige You to sign any contract.

ˇ      Accomplishement of  formalities via internet and mail


If the individual meeting is impossible We can finish all formalities with the use of the internet or mail services. This solution is frequently used by couples staying abroad.

ˇ        Prices

The prices depends on packege and additional options You choose. The offer can include different range of services realized by Avalon Wedding Photography. The price for each wedding can be different and is prepared individualy. If you like to know prices for basic packages contact with Us.



ˇ        When We should make a reservation?

The only way to complete the reservation is signing a contract and making an advance payment. When there is more than one couple interested in specific date, the first of them which contact with Us have a priority in making a final decision. 
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 ˇ      Payment for services

The final payment is made when You receive and become acquainted with complete material from Avalon Wedding Photography.

ˇ        How long do We have to wait for complete material?

Time depends on package and additional options You have choosen. The more complex offer will be realised longer than the basic packages. For example, time of realisation of Exclusive Package is four weeks, while the Standard Package is ready after two weeks. In that time we make photo selection, digital adjustment and create photo albums or photo books. This time is also spend on creating unique DVD slideshow presentations.

ˇ       Do We get all photo material?

Together with the chosen photo album You receive all photo material on DVD without any limits for making further copies, etc. 



ˇ        How many photographies You make?

Number of photo in albums is related to the chosen package. There is no way to estimate the specific number of photo Avalon Wedding Photography makes at the weddings. Each of them is different and allows Us or not to make as many photo material as possible. We naver had a situation in which our customer complained about too poor photo material. The size of the ready material depends also on number of out-side session sceneries. Usually You receive approximetaly 500- 1000 photos. The number of photos made at the wedding is far larger, but the whole material is strictly selected to make sure that You will receive only the best and unique photography. 

ˇ      Photography adjustment

All material is digitaly adjusted with the use of professional software. You can choose style of the photographies. They can be color adjusted only or stylized in significant way. 

ˇ       Additional albums, photo books, etc.

You can order additional souvenir for wedding guests. They can be individualy designed for each of the guests.

ˇ        Out-side session - where??

You can choose one of the presented by Avalon Wedding Photography sceneries. We will not force You to choose any specific place but We can suggest such places which will be best for You. There is also possibility to use the place that You know and would like to have the out-side session there. We are open for new experiences. Usually those are places with symbolic meaning for You..

ˇ        Character of out-side session

It is related to the kind of scenery You have choosen. It can be spontanious, defined by the scenario or stylized. Out-side sessions can be connected with Your hobbies and interests.

ˇ        Bad weather in the day of out-side session

The day of the out-side session is defined by the weather. We stay in touch whole the time and We make decision depending on th current weather conditions. If the day We choose is not suitable for photo session We postpone our meeting. It is possible to make photos in bad weather but neither of Us would be satisfied with the results.

ˇ        Photographers Entitlement 

Photographers of Avalon Wedding Photography finished special courses which allow them to make photos in sacred places.